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Strategy Development

SBT Consulting economic specialists a significant number of whom have held critical positions in government and the academia have a very long time of experience prompting on concrete, financially defensible and workable solutions for settling contending contemplation. Preparing quantitative and qualitative information, creating and applying propelled demonstrating instruments, and counseling intimately with groups, we drive social quality, economic growth, and natural maintainability. 

We enable our customers to deal with the cost of their tasks, explore the full improvement cycle and achieve advanced levels of manageability, including LEED and BREEAM evaluations.


Delegate Services

  • Cost Consulting 

  • Financial aspects 

  • Master Planning 

  • Public Consultation 

  • Determination Consulting 

  • Strategic Planning 

  • Sustainability Consulting

  • Strategic & regulatory planning

  • Program evaluation

  • Regulatory & policy reform

Policy and Planning

Our open policy specialists Include incredibly famous academics at our driving schools of public policy, government authorities, and administrators with profound private sector experience in set up and developing economies. 

Issues we study about for our customers include: 
The impact of natural, tax policy and other regulations on worldwide competitiveness
Similar analysis of proposed policy alternatives
Suitable division of duty regarding federal and local regulators
Impacts of controls on risk sharing across over different constituencies
Examination of unintended outcomes

Portfolio Management

Formal portfolio management is the best approach to implement strategic since it overcomes any issues gap between strategy and execution. Organizations that are viable in portfolio management had 62 percent of items meet or surpass anticipated that ROI agreeing would our 2012 Pulse of the Profession research. Portfolio managers adjust projects, programs, and operations with essential objectives, putting assets in the right work to convey the expected value.

Portfolio management is all in about deciding strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, and threats in the decision of obligation versus value, residential versus universal, development versus security, and numerous other exchange offs experienced in the endeavor to boost return at a given appetite for risk.

Executive Dashboards

Executive Dashboards work by associating, through APIs or "application programming interfaces," with the business systems you right now utilize. These systems including, among others, you're bookkeeping software, your client relationship management (CRM) system, your email system, your site analytics program.

The Executive Dashboard pulls the data into one place so you don't need to sign into different systems. It can likewise control this information so the data is in a more accessible format.

Advantages of Executive Dashboards 

Official Dashboard gives business administrators various advantages including the following: 

Visibility: An official dashboard gives you incredible clarity and understanding. You know precisely what's happening in all parts of your business.  

Progressing Improvements. One of Peter Drucker's most well-known expressions is, "if you can’t measure it, you can’t improve it." Executive Dashboards enable you to measure your execution all through your association and consequently enhance it. 

Time Savings: Many officials spend countless hours signing into business systems and running reports. Then again, the correct official dashboard dependably demonstrates to you the most recent outcomes from each report you require. This recoveries valuable hours every month. 

Judge Performance Against Your Plan: Many official invest energy making a strategy for success for their association to take after. In any case, that is quite recently the main piece to progress. The second is ensuring your organization is performing to your arrangement's desires. Your Executive Dashboard could do only that. That is, in your dashboard, you can consequently demonstrate your objectives from your marketable strategy versus your genuine, continuous outcomes. 

Representative Performance Improvements: When representatives know their execution is being judged in a dashboard and can see their outcomes, they intrinsically begin to enhance their work.​


IT Governance

IT governance gives structure to adjusting IT system to the business procedure. By following a formal system, associations can create quantifiable outcomes toward accomplishing their processes and objectives. An official program likewise considers stakeholders' interests, and also the necessities of staff and the procedures they take after. IT governance is a necessary piece of enterprise governance.

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